About Us

What is Champ Clark Service Coordination?

In February 2003 the Pike County Senate Bill 40 Board entered into a partnership with the Department of Mental Health – Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide Targeted Case Management. Pike County was the first county through the Hannibal Regional Office to provide Service Coordination. Due to federal guidelines, in July of 2017, Pike County Senate Bill 40 could no longer provide these services and asked the Pike County Senate Bill 40 Service Coordination Department to form a new Nonprofit to provide Service Coordination to Pike County consumers. As of July 1, 2017 Champ Clark Service Coordination entered into a partnership with the Department of Mental Health Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide the Targeted Case Management services for Pike County.

Board of Directors

The Champ Clark Service Coordination (CCSC) is governed by a five member Board of Directors.  The Board consists of family members of person with disabilities, advocates, business professionals and other members of the community.

Board meetings take place on the second Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the Pike Senate Bill 40 Administration Building at 900 Independence Drive, Bowling Green, MO.

Board meeting dates may change due to inclement weather, illness or other considerations. Please contact us at 573-324-6226 to confirm the date of a specific meeting.  All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Board of Directors:
Stephen Korte, Chairman
Marsha Garrison, Vice Chairman
Judy Ray, Treasurer/Secretary
Eleanor Moore
Frank Berlin

Our Staff

Wendy MacLaughlin, Executive Director
573-324-6226 ext. 116

Sabrina Schuckenbrock, TCM Administrative Assistant
573-324-6226 ext. 130

Carletta Sutton, SCII
573-324-6226 ext. 117

Amanda Pruitt, SCI
573-324-6226 ext. 124

LaVonda Wilson, SCI
573-324-6226 ext. 123

Jessica Grainger, SCI
573-324-6226 ext

Brittany Fairchild, SCI
573-324-6226 ext. 122

All staff employed by CCSC meet or exceed state mandated requirements for training and background screens.

Service Coordination staff employed with CCSC receive initial comprehensive training that covers areas such as the Person Centered Planning process, Medicaid waivers, service authorizations and utilization review, service monitoring, rights and due process, intake and eligibility, financial issues, quality enhancement, legal issues, community resources, and so on. Service Coordinators also receive one on one mentoring and job shadowing prior to receiving a caseload. On-going training is routinely provided to Service Coordination staff that allow them to better carry out their job duties in supporting persons on their caseload.

All CCSC staff has an initial and annual criminal background screens and pre-employment drug test screens, and staffs that provide transportation for persons served maintain a Chauffer’s license and have an annual driving record check.


Missouri Department of Social Services: CCSC provides Targeted Case Management services through the Service Coordination program. CCSC bills Targeted Case Management services for eligible persons and is reimbursed by the Division of Medical Services.